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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, high alert. explosives discovered by bomb-sniffer dogs in a pickup truck outside a major nuclear power plant in europe. authorities rushing to increase security right now. launching an investigation of whether it's sabotage and who is responsible. and developing overnight for the first time, george zimmerman's side of the story revealed. what he says really happened the night of his fatal encounter with trayvon martin. >> he said, you're going to die tonight [ bleep ] >> his stunning moment-by-moment account, all on tape. under fire, alec baldwin facing possible criminal charges with his run-in with a photographer, he laughed it off on late-night. now the man on the other side of the camera is speaking out live
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in an abc news exclusive. and school kids caught on tape insulting and teasing their bus monitor. the video blows up online overnight. sparking a powerful response from people all over the world. happy friday, eve, everybody. >> very glam today. >> this? you noticed this? >> sparkly. >> a couple of people have asked about this. i have a picc line underneath here which helps with the treatment with mds. and it has to stay protected. and viewers are having a great time sending me these. it's bling your bicep day. i feel like i'm on "dancing with the stars". >> we have a lot to get to this morning. >> we do. the heat wave, baking the country. expected to get even hotter today. look for records shattered up and down the east coast.
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at least 11 states under extreme heat warnings right now. and extreme weather from heavy rains to severe flooding in ports of the midwest. look at -- we have a polar bear right there. she escaped from her enclosure during the chaos at a minnesota zoo. and she wasn't the only animal on the loose. >>. >> a lot of crazy weather everywhere. >> let's get right to josh elliott and the nuclear scare in europe. >> good morning to all of you. it's a disturbing report. explosives found at a nuclear power plant in southern sweden. authorities are raising their security level there, while investigating what they are calling possible sabotage. abc's lama hasan is closely watching this. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: good morning. josh, we just learned explosives were found in a forklift truck at sweden's largest nuclear power station. the explosives were discovered by bomb-sniffing dogs, carrying out a routine search of the site. there was no detonator. but police swooped in, evacuating the entire area. they say the explosives are commonly used in construction and say there's no reason for
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such materials to be in a nuclear power plant. swedish police are treating the incident as sabotage. and they're carrying out interview, as bomb-sniffing dogs continue to scour this area at this hour. the threat level has been raised at all sweden's nuclear power plants until authorities can determine who is behind this. josh? >> lama hasan, thank you for that. and closing arguments getting under way in the jerry sandusky child molestation trial. the jury could get the case this afternoon. they will have to decide on all 51 charges without hearing from the former penn state football coach. sandusky himself pushed to testify, but his lawyers in a last-minute decision, kept him off the stand. sandusky stands accused of molesting 10 boys over a 15-year period. if you're one of the millions looking for work, this is not what you want to hear. federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke expects the unemployment rate to stay at or above 8% through this year and possibly next year, with no major improvement on the horizon until late 2014.
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while lowering expectations for growth, the fed also made moves to drive down our already historically low interest rates. and a devastating fire tearing through this historic pier on the san francisco waterfront. pier 29 was under renovation, actually at the center of the city's plans to host the america's cup yacht race next year. no one was hurt in the blaze. but the damage is being described as severe. and a stunning site in western florida, a sink hole swallowing the entire front half of this house. a nearby home is also in jeopardy. neighbors say they've been complaining about sinkholes forming in the area for years. and you can see why. and how does a guy who has it all treat himself? he goes out and buys a hawaiian island, of course. look what oracle ceo larry ellison did with the spare change at the bottom of his car. went out and bought himself lanai. 98% of it, anyway.
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who owns the other 2%? 141 square miles. two resort hotels, two championship golf courses. and if you don't know, that man is, again, the ceo of a software company. and he is worth an estimated $36 billion. so, the $600 million price tag -- >> a little chunk of hawaii. >> what are you going to do? >> thanks, josh. we turn to the record-setting heat wave scorching the east. torrential rains flooding the midwest. our extreme weather team tracking it all. and, boy, sam, no relief here today. >> no. george. right now, i'm in 80 degrees in times square. that's the high temperature for the day and we're just starting. here's where we're going with the heat index level in times square. 101 again today. look at the high temperatures. more than two dozen records slammed yesterday, including that one right under 100 degrees in newark, new jersey, and also in baltimore, maryland. this heat, and here is where we insert the craziest statistic, didn't happen in the middle of summer. it happened on the last day of spring. well over one-fifth of the u.s.
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population is bracing for round two of a sweltering punch this morning. temperatures, once again, expected to climb near triple digits. from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. >> this heat is insane. >> reporter: just watch these temps rise on our time lapse cameras we set up in d.c., chicago and new york. 20 degrees in just over an hour. >> i hate being hot. i hate it so much. and they don't even have a pool here. >> reporter: in new york city, some 500 cooling stations opened. mobile water fountains deployed. >> fill up your water bottles right here. >> we're feeling it. pretty hot. >> reporter: even our own times square, abc supersign shut down to conserve energy in the extreme heat. >> keeping it cool with the air conditioner back there. but it's not working at all. >> reporter: in many towns like the city of brotherly love. air conditioners and fans, flying off store shelves. >> get yourself an ice cream. >> reporter: in new jersey, even the beach was too hot for most.
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>> my feet are burning up today. can't last more than five minutes being on the sand. >> make your preparations for today, look at the heat index levels and time it out for yourself. this is the combination of the heat and humidity. the worst heating part of the day will make it feel like 105 in washington, d.c. 106 in philadelphia. speaking of the philadelphia area, in camden, new jersey, our ginger zee. it's not just a problem for people. but, ginger, there's a lot of other -- animal friends that we're watching. good morning. >> good morning to you, sam, and good morning, everyone. even though the bulk of this heat wave will be over by the weekend, we have a long summer ahead. we have to think about our animals. make sure they're safe today. you know who will be safe. look at my new friends, the african penguins here at the aquarium. they actually like it when it's 100 or 100-plus. they're going to be happy today. look at this video out of duluth. that is not a happy place after ten inches of rain fell. they had the worst flooding since the 1970s. seals got out. polar bear out on the grounds as
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well and they had to be tranquilized. we'll keep the seals and all of the animals safe at the aquarium with all of the heat coming in today. back to you, george. >> thank you, ginger. boy, it's so hot all across the country. now, george, the stunning tapes released overnight. videos recorded the day after trayvon martin was shot. george zimmerman, walking police step-by-step through his account of what happened during his fatal encounter with trayvon martin. abc's pierre thomas is in washington and has the latest on this abc news exclusive. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. you're about to see, for the first time, george zimmerman, on camera, giving his version of what happened the night he shot trayvon martin. in this video shot by investigators just one day after 17-year-old trayvon martin's death, george zimmerman is brought to the scene of the incident to re-enact what happened. >> my head was on the cement. and he kept slamming it and slamming it. >> reporter: zimmerman said he feared for his life. >> i thought i was going to lose consciousness. it felt like my head was going to explode. >> reporter: during the nearly
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20-minute re-enactment, zimmerman describes how the fight began, blow by blow, depicting martin as the aggressor. >> he said yo, you got a problem? and i turned around and i said i don't have a problem, man. >> where was he at? >> he was about there. but he was walking towards me. >> reporter: zimmerman tells investigators, he tried to reach for his cell phone. >> he said you got a problem now. and then he was here, and he punched me in the face. i stumbled. and i fell down. he pushed me down. somehow, he got on top of me. >> reporter: he says he screams for help. >> he put his hand on his nose, on my nose, and his other hand on my mouth, he said shut the [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: he later tells investigators he feels martin is winning the struggle. he says, it's at that moment that martin spots his gun. >> like he saw it. he looked at it. and he said, you're going to die tonight [ bleep ]. and he reached for it. but he reached -- i felt his arm going down on my side. and i grabbed it. and i grabbed my firearm and i shot him. >> reporter: the lead investigator was apparently
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skeptical, asking for charges to be filed. >> the most important judgment is the credibility of the witness. in addition to that, the consistency of the witness' story. those two things are the things that can lead an investigator down either path of believing that person's story or not believing that person's story. >> reporter: prosecutors have been poring over all the tapes, including this one, looking for inconsistencies. they'll make the case zimmerman has been deceptive. but a jury will have a difficult job of resolving if he truly acted in self-defense. robin? >> pierre, thanks. for more, let's bring in "20/20" anchor, chris cuomo and your take on this. you've been tracking this case from the beginning. >> a big wow. you almost never have something like this. usually the defendant, zimmerman, is a mystery. you have him at the scene, going through and talking about everything that happened. so, prosecutors can use this to match up quality and content. and of course, what could be
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trayvon martin's dying words. this is a very explosive piece of evidence. >> let's break it down. what does it mean for the prosecution? >> for the prosecution, they can look at this. match it up to the 911 calls. they can match it up with witness statements. we now know from zimmerman's own statement, somebody may have seen the fight in progress. huge for the prosecutors. measure his demeanor. does he change his story? how is he? calm? too calm? the wounds on his head. the nature and quality of them. ballistics. he says where he shot trayvon and how. his description of the fight. how does he wind up on top in the end if he was in such a victimized position throughout. all interesting things for prosecutors. wish remember, after they saw this tape on interview, they decided to prosecute initially. >> i remember that. we show that, as well. for the defense, hurt? help? what? >> for the defense, i think there's things here, as well. why? he did this interview. why would a guilty man do this interview? his demeanor is calm. he does come off as if he's being forthright. his wounds are substantial. such a big issue early on.
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and everything he says, robin, detail by detail, this could work for or against, it's perfect for the justification of what he did. he was not the aggressor. he says, i turned around. i was assaulted. he takes it away. forget about stand your ground. this is a textbook justification case. >> so, bottom line, where do you think the case stands right now? >> the case is what it is. zimmerman is in jail. he has a bond hearing coming. what does the tape mean? his story may be too perfect. that may sound cynical. as an attorney, he checked every box to get himself off the hook for this crime. >> the stand your ground law, check by check. >> he may not need it if this account is believed. >> chris, thanks so much. i know you'll be back tomorrow with the rielle hunter story for us. always good to see you, chris. thank you. now, the showdown in washington over a gun running sting gone bad. republicans in congress are accusing the obama administration of a coverup for refusing to give congress
7:13 am
documents targeting mexican drug cartels that turned into a fiasco. abc's jake tapper has more on this from the white house. jake, this is over that so-called fast and furious program. this has created so much controversy because one of the guns they lost track of ended up involved in the killing of a u.s. border agent. >> reporter: that's right. there were thousands of guns that the u.s. justice department, through the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearm, watched as criminals bought them, and they were going to try to trace them to the mexican drug cartels. but they lost track of thousands of them and they started showing up at crime scene, including the site where brian terry, the border patrol agent was killed in 2010. >> congress has been investigating. they haven't gotten all of the documents they wanted from the white house. the white house claiming executive privilege. the house committee has found the attorney general in contempt. the whole house is going to vote next week. any chance either side is going to bend before that contempt vote, which would be historic. >> it's possible a deal can be worked out. right now, both sides seem at
7:14 am
loggerheads. they don't seem to be able to work out a deal. there will likely be this contempt vote next week. it goes to the u.s. attorney's office. he'll decide whether or not to bring criminal charges against the attorney general. >> jake, thanks very much. now, to the kids behaving badly. a stunning incident caught on tape. middle school boys taunting, bullying the school bus monitor so badly, they drove her to tears. the video has sparked a lot of outrage. and abc's john schriffen is here with the latest. it's so hard to watch. >> it really is. and the video keeps going on. good morning. the woman is a 68-year-old grandmother of eight. she has a tough time hearing. but she could understand many of the unprovoked insults that went beyond teenage teasing. and now, the father of one of the kids behind the bullying is speaking out. >> karen, you're fat. you're so fat, you take up the whole entire seat. >> reporter: for nearly 20 minutes, the insults from 3 middle school boys, kept coming, all recorded on this cell phone video.
7:15 am
>> you [ bleep ]. look at this flab right there. >> reporter: and directed at 68-year-old karen klein, a school employee in rochester, new york, paid to monitor their behavior on the school bus. >> i didn't get angry. i just tried to ignore them. >> reporter: throughout the disturbing incident monday, klein implores the teens to stop. >> unless you have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. >> reporter: but they are relentless. >> it jiggles. why would you touch her? >> reporter: at one point, the grandmother of eight starts to cry. this whole disturbing incident might never have been discovered. but on tuesday, one of the teens posted the video to facebook. within hours, it was rocketing across the internet. >> it's vile. it's cruel. that's just plain wrong. >> i almost threw up. >> reporter: robert helms tells abc news, his 13-year-old son was one of those bullies. >> my heart broke. i couldn't believe my son could treat another human being like that. >> reporter: helms says his son now knows he was wrong. but says his family is living in
7:16 am
fear. their address and phone number have even been posted online. >> my family's received death threats. it was a stupid mistake. and he's paying for it. but it went way out of control. >> reporter: along with all the anger, this morning, there's also hope. this fund-raising site, originally set up to raise $500 to send klein on vacation, has raised more than 20 times as much. >> i think it is really wonderful. and it does make me feel a whole lot better. >> reporter: and the school district says, we immediately activated our district bullying and violence prevention response team to investigate and contacted the police department to conduct their own investigation. robin, we've learned this morning the school has not yet handed down any punishment to the teens involved. >> wow. you wish somebody would have stepped up in the bus. >> somebody. >> boy, that is hard to watch.
7:17 am
some good news, now. the latest powerball millionaires, all 20 of them work at the quaker oats plant in des moines, iowa. that will be sharing a $241 million jackpot. but as alex perez reports, they want to keep more than the money to themselves. >> reporter: this morning, they've gone from handling outgoing shipments, to counting incoming millions. these 20 workers from the quaker oats shipping department in cedar rapids, iowa, are waking up today as america's newest millionaires, after winning the powerball lottery. >> we all chipped in five bucks. and we go and see what we can get. a lot of times we don't get nothing. but we were lucky this time. >> awesome. >> reporter: while the 18 men and 2 women are used to seeing lots of mailing addresses, they don't want anyone to have theirs. they're seeking an injunction to keep their last names from becoming public. >> we don't want people at our doors. we're common people, simple people. >> reporter: simple people who will now split an extraordinary $241 million jackpot. each one will walk away with about $5.6 million after taxes. >> it's going to change our
7:18 am
family's lives. our friends' lives. cedar rapids is going to change. there's 20 new millionaires here. >> reporter: about half of the winners say they plan to require from their jobs at quaker immediately. >> good morning, america. whoo hoo! >> reporter: using their new cash to sow some wild oats. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> good morning, cedar rapids. >> yeah. you can adopt us. we'd love to be your new best friends. >> absolutely. let's get more weather from sam. >> george, this may seem anti-climatic but allow me to welcome you to summer. this is the first full official day of summer, even though most of us feel like we've been in it for a while now. let's get to the boards. here's what's going on with the cooldown that's headed for the great lakes and into the northeast. so this little heat wave is just a short one for some folks. areas in the south, do not cool off. from chicago to boston to
7:19 am
detroit to new york city, these numbers do go down by the time we get into the weekend. tropical trouble, that storm that was chris, out in the atlantic, not a problem. this disturbance around cuba right now really could be a player. some of our forecast models have it near the tampa bay area in the next 48 hours. and some kind of tropical system. we have to watch it. because we know, that area is prone to a lot of flooding. we're just going to watch that system and let you know. keep up with your local abc stations in tampa.
7:20 am
>> tiny bit of good news. for inside the air-conditioned studio. robin, george, josh, when you come outside, there's a light breeze about 6 miles per hour. it is better than yesterday. >> good to know. >> all right. >> it would have to be. coming up, alec baldwin facing possible criminal charges for his run-in with a photographer. laughing it off on late-night. now, the man in the middle of the scuffle speaking out live here on "gma." and jack osbourne speaks out
7:21 am
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house when the fire started after 2:30 this morning. it took firefighter as hour to control the flames. investigators say it is unclear if smoke detectors were working. sue in for frances with traffic. rough right now especially for the bay bridge commute. an accident on the upper deck, obviously backed up behind the toll at a standstill now three lanes blocked by treasure island. waze app is a free app you can download very helpful, traffic reported at a standstill on the upper deck until they get in accident out. three lanes mid span treasure island westbound. we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco for a cooler
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clouds causing 74 minute flight arrival degrees into sfo else on time. today temperatures from 15° cooler in san francisco to 20 within san , 23 concord -- 50s along the coast, 60s along the bay. showers possible in the north bay tomorrow cooler
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i think you can see, i'm forming the letter "f" right now. and what i'm saying is -- what i said to him was, what f-stop are you on on your camera? >> alec baldwin, facing assault charges for his run-in with a photographer. he's not backing down one bit. there's the photographer he confronted. that man is here live, with his side of the story this morning. an abc news exclusive. >> who will get the last laugh? also, jack osbourne, opening up for the first time on his mom's talk show. about his diagnosis of ms. how he knew something was wrong and his plans for the future. especially with his baby girl. also, could the handbag you're carrying actually be bad for your health? that's one of the questions we're looking into this morning.
7:31 am
there's an investigation that these big name brands hey have surprising amounts of lead in purses. we'll get to that later on. right now, the confrontation between alec baldwin and a photo journalist, marcos santos. santos and his attorney are here with their side of the story. first, here's linsey davis. >> good morning, george. baldwin insists he is innocent and has nothing to hide. so much so, when he went on david letterman last night, they welcomed him to the stage with the song "hit me with your best shot," he stripped down to his tighty tig y-whitietighty-w. alec baldwin stepped out on the red carpet the other night, for his new movie. now, the camera-wary star putting himself smack-dab in front of dozens of photographers. >> paparazzi are never there -- >> reporter: while baldwin was supposed to be promoting the upcoming film, "to rome with love," it's what happened in new
7:32 am
york with anger tuesday that continues to make headlines. >> alec baldwin. >> reporter: on david letterman overnight, the notoriously hot-tempered actor, dropped trou making light of his now-infamous run-in with a photographer. >> i'm forming the letter "f," be my mouth. >> yeah. >> and what i'm saying is -- i said to him, as i walked up to him, what f-stop are you on with the camera? >> reporter: it all began as baldwin and his fiancee, hilaria thomas, were getting their marriage license. as they were leaving, they got into a scuffle with photographers outside of the clerk's office. lunging at santos. and allegedly hitting him in the face. >> reporter: santos, an award-winning journalist, who has covered events as far as haiti and the middle east, has filed an assault complaint against baldwin.
7:33 am
but late at night, on charlie rose, baldwin pushed back. this time with his words. he almost knocked me in the teeth with the camera. if i'm slugging a photographer outside of a courthouse, i'm dumb, but not dumb. >> reporter: the whole event left baldwin, well, camera-shy. hiegd under this blanket to avoid paparazzi. but he still couldn't resist twitter. saying he had 15 to 20 cameraman outside my building, this a.m., chasing me on my bike. as he tried to escape, things got a little physical again with another member of the media. >> he just smashed my foot. >> reporter: apparently running over an "inside edition" producer's foot with his bike. baldwin later tweeted, i'm told i ran over someone's foot with my bike today. i think it was that person who placed their foot under the wheel of my bike. the new york press club called his actions deplorable. and said, this man is over the top. his arrogance should not be
7:34 am
tolerated. it should be exposed and condemned. george. i'm here with marcos santos, and his attorney. thank you for coming in this morning. you heard alec baldwin. you heard his side of the story. he said you almost hit him with your camera. >> i never him with the camera. how am i going to take a picture if i come too close. >> you didn't approach him? didn't come right up in his face? >> no. >> he also says that he never threw a punch. >> he threw a punch. where did he hit you? >> on the chin. >> how wadly hurt are you? >> some headaches, and my jaw's hurting. >> we're going to pull up the picture for a second. he says he pushed you. we see him pushing you pretty clearly there. very aggressive. doesn't look like he's throwing a punch, at least in that photo. so when did it happen? >> look at the angle. you cannot see -- i was like
7:35 am
this. the camera -- he said the punch landed. i'm moving back. >> he hit you before -- i'm moving back because he hit me. i was trying to move back to soften the blow. he's just coming at me. >> why did he lunge at you? >> i saw him come out of the court. and we started taking his picture. next thing i saw, he's going after the other photographer. i look at him and said, don't touch him. and the next thing, i saw his -- he looks at me. he come straight to me. i don't have time to react. >> you were just backing away. >> backing up. >> and you're positive he threw a punch and hit you? >> yeah, on my chin. i had a mark here. >> what do you want to happen now? >> i think he wants to see him prosecuted so it doesn't happen to anyone else. he spent two hours in the office of the manhattan district, with
7:36 am
prosecutors and detectives. the witnesses who saw what happened there, are also prosecuting with witnesses. >> which witnesses? >> two other photographers on the scene at the time this happened, have been interviewed by prosecutors. and they're cooperating, also. his medical records are available to the prosecutors. he wants justice. that means he wants baldwin held accountable for what he did. >> what did they tell you about what they're going to do? >> they say they're investigating now. >> have they talked to alec baldwin? >> we don't know. >> we don't know. >> what do you think the charge should be at this point? >> at this point, we leave that to prosecutors. the fact of the matter is, the allegation is assault. that has to be taken seriously. >> have you covered alec before? >> one time, but no. >> never seen any behavior like this? >> i usually don't do celebrities. i'm a news photographer. i specialize in disaster photography. sometimes you have to go for celebrities. >> you were sent down to the courthouse.
7:37 am
>> yeah. i was on another case. i was half a block away. that's why i was there. >> if you could see alec baldwin this morning, if he were sitting in my chair, what would you say to him? >> i would say -- i have nothing to say to him. i'm just feeling embarrassed what he did to me. >> embarrassed? why are you embarrassed? >> thinking about it. i like to take a picture and my picture be on the front page. not me being on the front page. we are recording news. i go there, take my picture. i don't want to be a part of the news. >> thanks for sharing your story this morning. >> thank you. let's go to sam with the weather. >> hey, george. we're going back to the heat today. an awful lot of people will be right in the middle of it. let's show you what it looks like, high temperature-wise. and warnings and advisories that are out, from the mid-atlantic all of the way to the northeast. first, yep, boston, you're at your normal high temperature. wcvb, the station we love in boston. knows everything about boston. you're getting a record-high temperature today. stay with them. they'll walk you through it.
7:38 am
washington, d.c., it's 98 degrees today. philly, 98. those are the watches and warnings. this could be the last day for this heat wave in that zone. look at the west. hey, by the way, seattle, portland, sea-tac, bend, bellevue. welcome to summer. today, you get the sunny sky. and the numbers that are near th >> we are live in times square. this time, i mean live in times square. all that weather was brought to you by kibbles 'n bits. george. >> thank you, sam. coming up, jack osbourne
7:39 am
speaks out about his alarming diagnosis. the first time he thought something was wrong. and what he's planning to do about it now.
7:40 am
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never beat around the bush. you'll just squash the berries. new triple berry newtons. ♪ made with real fruit, 100% whole grain, and fiber. it's one unique cookie. we're back at 7:42. now, to jack osbourne, speaking out about his new battle with m.s. and an appearance on his mother's talk show. revealing the alarming signs of the disease years before his
7:43 am
diagnosis. and his plans for the future. abc's bianna golodryga is here. and he's so incredibly optimistic. >> reporter: he is. it's a trying time for the family. as a teenager, we watched jack osbourne battle with drug and alcohol dependency on "the osbournes." now sober and more mature jack has returned to television to address his most challenging battle yet. jack osbourne was greeted by a standing ovation yesterday, after joinsing his mother on "the talk." . the 26-year-old revealed he's been having m.s. symptoms for a few years but didn't know it. >> i had problems with my bladder. problems with my stomach. and about two years ago, my legs went numb for two months. >> could you walk when they went numb? >> i could walk. they felt numb and tingley. they were sensitive to hot and cold water. >> reporter: two weeks after the april birth of his daughter, he went blind in his right eye.
7:44 am
after spending three days in the hospital, going through a battery of test, including a spinal tap, doctors confirmed the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis on may 10th. >> m.s. is a devastating illness. but we've developed so many new treatments, this is a good time for people with m.s. >> reporter: jack vowed to stay positive, but in a new interview with "people" magazine, sharon confesses to first blaming herself. the first thing ozzy and i asked ourselves was, what did we do wrong? was it something i did when i was pregnant? >> we don't know the exact cause of multiple sclerosis. but she, in no may, is responsible. >> reporter: with impending wedding and new baby girl he can't stop tweeting about, jack says his life is far from over. >> it's been good, though. i haven't been sitting around. gloating like, oh, i have m.s., i have to change diapers and stop the baby from crying. >> reporter: and there is good news to report. jack has regained about 80%
7:45 am
vision in his right eye. and he's taking a middle of the road approach with treatment and medicine. >> you have to stay positive. >> yeah. >> thanks. stick around. coming up, why this guy has so much to sing about. josh, with a surprisingly musical "play of the day." i like how we're doing video teases for "play of the day." and true value. what you need to know before you buy your wedding cake. and why your supermarket may hold the solution. ( telephone rings ) hi, honey. how's the camping trip? well, kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. what are you doing? having coffee. ah, sounds good! i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup!
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." here's "the play of the day." >> sam, you didn't have to throw the dinner jacket on for "play of the day." >> i'm going with the bow tie. >> who among us -- again, know somebody that got wait-listed for the school they wanted to get into. at the university of michigan, very competitive.
7:50 am
15,000 kids or so on the wait list. and this kid was 1 of the 42 who made it in. look at how he did it. >> talk is cheap. this is a great opportunity for me to show off my strengths. so i rewrote the lyrics of one of my favorite songs and decided to perform it for you guys. hope you folks enjoy. ♪ well, when i was just starting out ♪ ♪ i didn't know where to apply so many schools to choose from but none of them caught my eye ♪ ♪ then i saw umichigan no other college could compare ♪ ♪ the blue got me on the hook ♪ let me tell you now ♪ oh michigan ♪ give me one more chance won't you please ♪ ♪ let me into your school and how i dream ♪ ♪ of being a wolverine michigan ♪ >> yes! >> well done. well done. >> again, out of 15,000, there were 42 spots. danny got one. >> michigan.
7:51 am
>> congratulations to you, young lad. i'd take credit for it but he's already in. coming up, are your handbags, pocketbooks, purses full of lead? find out next. go nowhere. >> lead? your guide to relief brought to you by the makers of aleve. summertime means outdoor fun. but some supports and exercises can bother even minor arthritis. for exercises you can do, go to and click on the pain management link. oic. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. more generations of fleas. frontline plus uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to kill the next generation, flea eggs and larvae. ask your vet about frontline plus.
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7:55 am
hey, everybody. still to come here on "good morning america," "sesame street," a favorite here, heading back to the big screen. also, how to save big on your wedding day. get the wedding cake at your local supermarket. that's crazy, some say. no, it's not.
7:56 am
come back and find out how. ome say. no, it's not. come back and find out how. good morning i'm kristen sze. san francisco fire investigators will go inside heavily damaged parts of pier 29 this morning trying to figure out what set off yesterday's fire this morning the embarcadero is open parts of the sidewalk near the pier have been fenced off. cooler morning. let's check in with mike. >> and afternoon too. temperatures compared to yesterday 23° cooler in concord, 15 san francisco temperatures near the mid to upper 50s along the coast low to mid 70s inland it will stay that way through tuesday.
7:57 am
"sig alert" in effect pore the bay bridge behind the toll bumper-to-bumper earlier accident upper deck ti cleared. take san mateo bridge for the next 30 minutes. >> the news continues with "good morning america." have a great day. ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ bñbt
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ they smile when the cameras turn on the crowd. not afraid of a little heat at all. they come from all over the country, as always. we're so glad to have them here. we have a lot to get to this morning. there's some handbags right there. it turns out, they may have lead in them. a new investigation. and these are bags that come from tory burch to nine west. >> yeah. >> they could have surprising amounts of lead in them. that could be dangerous to your health. >> we'll talk about that. and lara is off today, taking a little time off. we have bianna here. you're going to bring us the "pop news" coming up. >> that's right. >> you're so serious about it.
8:01 am
>> economic news and "pop news" this morning. >> sometimes they're one in the same. >> exactly. we're going to try some cake. it's the taste test everyone getting married will want to see. wedding cake. >> did you say cake? >> yes. let them eat cake. a wedding cake can be a huge expense. the supermarket is trying to rival. so, would you get your wedding cake from the supermarket? >> if it's good. >> we're going to put them to the test, coming up. we all think of weight watchers -- no, we don't. i don't think of something for women. we think of weight watchers as a way to lose weight. valerie bertinelli, to jennifer hudson, again, known as much for their weight loss known for as much for their acting as their weight loss. it's not just for women. just keep a tight shot of me.
8:02 am
>> working for some weight loss there? >> well, after the cake. >> after the cake. >> those of us, you know, not wearing the slimming lycra. >> easy. easy, buddy. also, courteney cox will be here. we want to start with some news. we go right back to josh. >> breaking news again. we're going to head overseas for it. explosives have been found at a nuclear power plant in southern sweden, prompting authorities there to raise the security level at all nuclear plants across that country. the explosives were found beneath a forklift. police call it possible sabotage. but have made no arrests thus far. meanwhile, here at home today, the last chance for jerry sandusky's defense team. close arguments getting under way. jurors could begin deliberating this afternoon. and the former coach is accused of sexually assaulting 10 boys over a 15-year period. now, an abc news exclusive of the trayvon martin murder case. for the first time, we're seeing video of neighborhood watch leader, george zimmerman, re-enacting for police the fight that broke out the night he fatally shot martin, who was unarmed. he said he feared for his life, once martin spotted his gun.
8:03 am
>> he looked at it and said, you're going to die tonight [ bleep ]. he reached for it. he reached -- like i felt like his arm going down to my side. and i grabbed it. i grabbed my firearm and shot him. >> prosecutors have been poring over this tape, looking for any inconsistencies in zimmerman's stories. meantime, the police chief at the center of this case has been fired. sanford police chief, bill lee, was criticized for not immediately arresting zimmerman. and breaking news from court. they have a policy, deciding in favor of the networks. it stemmed from bono's comments at the golden globes. fcc rule on expletives and nudity were vague and net works were not given enough notice.
8:04 am
the rankings are out on the best new cars. j.d. powers and associates count lexus at the top. but jaguar was tied for second. and among nonluxury brands, honda. of course madman affix nod does may be surprised. it doesn't matter what you drive. you don't want to end up right there. stuck in a sand trap on the golf course. that's where one massachusetts woman ended up. she blamed the pesky navigation system. the police are blaming perhaps the drinks she allegedly consumed beforehand. >> turn right. turn right. >> don't drive in the trap. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. it's great to talk to you on this thursday morning and everyone at "gma." and tonight, this could be a game-changing new test for cancer. faster, better and cheaper. and you will not believe that an american teenager came up with it. how? will he change the world? tonight. >> we sure hope so, diane. we'll be watching. meanwhile, a massive hunt underway in japan this morning. to find -- fugitive squirrels.
8:05 am
about 30 of them made their great escape from a tokyo zoo during a recent typhoon. park workers, using traps and nets, as they scurry after the scurrilous squirrels. i don't know. >> who seem to be getting bored with the chase. i don't know, if squirrels make it to the trees, don't they win? aren't they okay? >> the crossing guard. >> get the squirrels back down out of those trees where they live. come back down here into this unnatural setting. what? >> what? >> i don't even -- >> sometimes my news confuses me. ready for "pop news"? >> i am. >> what do you get for the women who seems to have it all? just ask betty white. white picked up a pretty wild birthday gift for meryl streep. her very own leopard, for her 63rd birthday. you heard me. what else do you get meryl streep than a leopard? this isn't a leopard she will take home, however. the snow leopard was adopted in
8:06 am
streep's name. he will continue living in a los angeles zoo. white, who is known for her charitable work on behalf of animals, said she wanted to give her a gift as unique and special as she is. i would say mission accomplished. >> yeah. you may remember matt harding. videos of him dancing all over the globe went viral in 2006 and 2008. josh, you remember? four years later, he's done it again. check out this video. it's trending big-time online. matt dances his way everywhere, from papua, new guinea. to zimbabwe, to afghanistan. he saves the best for last. the video ends with him at home in seattle, with his wife and baby. that's sweet. that was serious earlier. this is hard-core news you're getting here. >> that's sweet. >> it is very sweet. also, a birthday celebration fit for a king. we want to wish a very happy birthday to prince william. he's turning 30 years old today. the palace says he will celebrate with a quiet dinner
8:07 am
with family and a few close friends. it's a big day for him financially. he'll inherit about 10 million pounds, roughly $16 million, from his mother, princess diana. so, happy birthday, prince william. this is my favorite story of the morning. two childhood classics are making a comeback. "sesame street" is headed for the silver screen. word is, 20th century fox has picked up the rights to the "sesame street" movie. and has one of the shows long-time writers onboard to write the script. and, if that's not enough, a new chapter for another tv favorite. my favorite, "reading rainbow." remember that show? it went off the air in 2009. it's launching an ipad app that allows kids to read books with animated illustrations and games, all on their own. or they can follow the show's host. the app is free. if you decide to take a look. it's in a book. "reading rainbow." >> can we all be 7 years old for just a second?
8:08 am
>> that was nice. from 7 to 9. we are. >> who wants to be our age? let's get to sam and the weather. >> i'm going to have to face sweat and record heat, there is no place i'd rather be than right here in times square. you're my heat proof. tell me your names? >> alex -- >> what? >> alex marler. >> and? >> ann turner. >> wait a minute. you wanted to get texas out. >> brownsville, texas. >> i love brownsville, texas. let's get to the boards. here's some things we want to talk about. we're going to talk about the big heat in the country again today. heat index levels may be more important to you than the actual temperature. it's what it feels like in washington, d.c. 105, in new york, 101. and in camden, new jersey, outside of philadelphia, another place the heat is roaring, our ginger zee is there with some of the things we're doing to keep cool in places that don't normally see heat like this. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, sam.
8:09 am
a lot of my buddies, the african penguins are considering taking a dip in the pool. and some of the aquarium caretakers encourage you to do that. or a cooling center. you will be able to. a dozen cooling centers will be open across philadelphia. and new york city has 455 cooling centers and mobile water stations open. boston asking folks not to play with the fire hydrants. take advantage of their cooling centers. and of course their extra sprinkler. sam. >> the other thing to do, when you have unusual heat like this, check on folks around you that may not have air conditioners. particularly, the elderly, folks who have health problems. this is not an easy situation to handle when it's hot like this. look at the southwest, where the heat continues to roar. the southwest will get warmer over the next couple days. this is problematic for the 12 to 14 very large fires burning in the west. watch that wind. near 102 degrees again in denver before we get to the end of the weekend.
8:10 am
>> just take it easy. keep it cool today. bianna, we're live in times square. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." could your purse be bad for your health? the surprising investigation that tells you what to look for. think twice before cashing in on an expensive wedding cake. why a store-bought cake could be sweet enough for your big day. and courteney cox is here live. that's all coming up.
8:11 am
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and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. we're back, now, with a danger that could be hidden, in all places, your handbag. not so much what you're carrying in the bag but the bag itself. a new investigation for the center of environmental health, found that purses from neiman marcus, to nine west, may contain surprising amounts of lead. abc's elisabeth leamy investigates. >> reporter: the center for environmental health discovered lead in 43 out of 300 purses it tested. >> i think that women have enough to worry about in their daily lives. >> don't call me --
8:16 am
>> reporter: it's depressing. gretchen of the real housewives, a purse fanatic, with her handbag collection which was not tested. >> we want to purchase something we feel confident about. we don't want to think about health risks on top of that. >> reporter: it's not the first time. over the past two years, major manufacturers and retailers have signed legal settlements agreeing to limit the amount of lead in their purses. but the new lab tests showed dozens of purses contained lead at levels 3-times to 200-times the agreed upon limit. purse manufacturers we were able to reach said they take safety very seriously, are investigating and in some cases pulled the products from stores. >> our legal agreements say they're going to reduce the level of lead to a very strict, safe level. most of the companies are doing it, but some companies are not. these companies are not.
8:17 am
>> reporter: lead can rub off items like purses and get into our bodies. high blood lead levels have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, high blood and can lower a child's i.q. >> lead is stunningly toxic. >> reporter: two of the handbags with the highest lead levels were purchased at neiman marcus, which immediately pulled them when they heard the news. goes to show, spending more on a bag doesn't necessarily protect you. testers say brightly-colored purses made of vinyl or plastic were the most likely to contain lead. leather and fabric bags are a safer bet. for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, washington. >> you can head to on yahoo! to find if your purse is putting you at risk. back out to josh. >> george, thank you. wedding cake. huge expense when you head down the aisle. price tags at the thousands of dollars. we couldn't resist doing our own investigation. we read in "the wall street journal" that a growing number of couples are looking to supermarkets to help cut those costs. abc's claire shipman has the story. >> reporter: it's an
8:18 am
unforgettable wedding moment, with that iconic ingredient. the cake. not necessarily something you find here. but it turns out, in the wake of new cost consciousness, even for weddings, the supermarkets are moving in on the gilded wedding cake business, with more finesse than you would imagine. >> they stepped up their game. they realized this is a $74 billion industry. you have supermarkets hiring people who are inclined to decorating cakes. >> reporter: briana and matthew came into their farm fresh grocery store, looking for something delicious for their wedding and for a deal. >> with us, i know, money's tight, and it's tough. >> reporter: they're thrilled. their order, three elegant tiers. butter cream frosting, strawberry filling. >> i'm getting what i wanted. i'm getting pretty.
8:19 am
>> reporter: the total cost for a cake like theirs, $316. something like this from a professional bakery, ten times as much, $3300. >> i don't think there's much of a difference. i guess who is doing it. >> reporter: kelly is co-owner of a high-end wedding planning business in alexandria, virginia. her clients usually opt for one of these cakes. this is not something you can get at a grocery store. >> it's really not. these cakes in itself an art form. and they are something that's one of a kind and really fitting with the couple. >> reporter: we decided a taste test was critical. the gourmet. >> cinnamon and chocolate cake. >> reporter: and grocery. this is good. kelly always advices us to focus on quality and spending mart. >> cake might be low on the priority list for some people. going into a grocery store and selecting a less expensive option, a perfect fit for them. >> order your custom wedding cake today. >> reporter: for briana and matthew, a welcome development,
8:20 am
indeed. >> it's going to be a good celebration. everything we tried to do was economical. but we were pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: the perfect cake and the sweet taste of saving. for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, washington. >> the price is right on these. but do they pass the "gma" taste test? what do you say? let's go. this cake retails for $269. sounds like a lot of money. but wedding cakes can cost in the thousands and thousands of dollars. what do you think? >> it's good cake. >> a viable alternative. i don't ask too much from my cake. it's a beautiful day, i'm not looking at the cake -- >> as somebody who spends a lot of time eating cake, there's a definite difference between this and the cake you're going to get from a bakery. there's a definite difference. i believe if cost is a big deal -- >> and it's in the icing. >> if cost is a big deal, it may
8:21 am
be the right way to go. but there's a difference. you know what i believe? if it's all about love, it doesn't matter. >> how many married couples actually eat the cake at their wedding? they're busy dancing. >> we'll continue the investigation, robin. every time you catch me, you're out there doing something. we're in here talking. courteney cox is a triple-threat. i'm adoring her shoes. she acts. she produces. she directs. she's a mother. and she gets up early to do morning television. happy to have courteney back here with us. you're a good sport. you are a triple-threat. it's official. we've always known that about you. and your acting is off the charts. this is the first time -- you've directed some tv episodes. but this is different. >> oh, yeah. this is really different. this, i just absolutely loved. it's a movie called "tall, hot blonde." it airs on lifetime, this saturday, 8:00, 7:00 central. it's a true story that is really powerful. just a very sad kind of tragic story about internet romance
8:22 am
goes wrong. and evolves to murder. it's really intense. >> you became involved. you direct, you produce, and you really wanted to have a say in how it was -- what we finally see on screen. >> oh, yeah. when i originally wrote the script. the story is to powerful. but when i read the script, i got really involved. i wanted to make it -- just keep the story really human. it was a little bit going offer on playing things out in a way that i wanted to do it really real. they were worried about having a movie where you read a lot on the computer. but when i tell you that my actors that i hired, garret dillahunt, he is amazing. he is my hero. he made this movie so interesting. between that and my editor, the guy that did my score, it's a great, really powerful kind of
8:23 am
white-knuckle scary movie. >> you set up this clip perfectly. here it is. "tall, hot blonde." >> are you -- ♪ >> and the studio, everyone
8:24 am
looking up at the monitor. it's just how you explained. it's gripping. >> it is gripping. >> garret dillahunt is in it. and it was amazing. we did the whole movie in 16 days. i'm just so proud of it. it's really -- it's a great story. >> i'm sure it's relatable. you're able to relate to the actors because they respect you. you are moving on to the next chapter in your life. you've always been very good. and david, too, when he's come by. we know that you all, after being separated for so long, have both filed for divorce. so, what are you looking forward to in the next chapter in your life? >> i have all these jokes in my head. and i can't think about what's really going to happen. all right. my next chapter. i'm going to direct again. that's what i want to do. we're going to do another season of coug"cougartown"
8:25 am
but it's going to be on tbs. that's exciting. a fresh start. they're really behind us. i'm excited about that. just probably more directing. i love it. it's so -- i love being involved in every aspect. and making my own mistakes as opposed to making someone else's. >> good point. >> it was really nice. i never -- you know, the actors are like, courteney, whatever you want, this is your film. that's a lot of respect. and i loved it. >> didn't you? i mean -- >> it feels better than someone listening and going, you know what? you want to make a mistake, that's fine. we're going to ride whatever you feel. >> you are in control. and you've earned that right, courteney. you have. you've earned our respect and you've earned the right to call the shots. >> thank you very much. >> how is coco? she's almost 8 now? >> she just turned 8. june is a big month. yeah, she just turned 8. she's something else. we were at this restaurant last night, but for some reason, she
8:26 am
felt comfortable to do cartwheels all over the restaurant. i don't know how new york took that. >> that's your daughter. she loves life. >> david. >> you're going to put it on him. >> well, let's face it. >> gee. look at the time. we've got to go, courteney. just in time. you're a delight. glad that "cougartown" is going to move on. we loved having you. "tall hot blonde" premieres saturday on lifetime. coming up, the head of weight watchers tells us how he dropped the pounds.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. developing news, officials investigating cause of an early morning fatal house fire in berkeley. a woman was killed in the three story home. two others were injured. eight people were inside the house when the fire started after 2:30 this morning. it took firefighters one hour to control the flames. investigators say it is unclear if smoke detectors in the home were working. >> traffic kind of rough this morning. it has been rough, especially bay bridge earlier accident upper deck gone. back-up well into the maze. you still might want to take richmond san rafael and san mateo bridge for the next 30 minutes at least.
8:28 am
accident san jose northbound 101, 80.
8:29 am
welcome back. breezy and cool this morning. first tillman knowledge from sue that it is drizzle in downtown san francisco and it is freezing cold. 22° cooler in concord to 15 in san francisco today. temperatures in the 50s and 60s like we are right now those will be mainly coast and
8:30 am
around the bay 70s inland showers possible north bay tomorrow. >> the next continues now with ♪ i don't want to cry alone no more pain ♪ ♪ no more pain no more pain ♪ ♪ no more games that is the classic from the one and only, mary j. blige. "no more drama." we can't wait to see her rocking central park tomorrow live. it's sure to be an unforgettable concert. we'll be doing this a lot. >> and we want to know what you want to ask mary j. blige. biggest life lesson? best advice you ever got? secret to a happy marriage? we'll find out tomorrow what you want to ask and what she answers.
8:31 am
>> i'm cool with the bob, robin. >> what do you do? >> the shoulder. >> you look like a turtle. >> i'll have it tomorrow. >> we have time. we'll work on it, sam. and the newest movie hero is a red-haired scottish princess. she's the lead in "braid." we'll see if nick watt the -- >> it all comes together. i know robin, you do. the dream team. the dream team. not -- michael, magic, charles, larry. so fun to watch. it was like watching the beatles on the hardwood. we're going to look back 20 years later, at the superstars who grabbed the world's attention. jack mcgowan, what a time. >> i was there in barcelona. you just mentioned charles. charles barkley. he has a new gig going on, too.
8:32 am
he is a new spokesman for weight watchers. there he is there. they're reaching out to men with charles barkley. and guys are getting the message. here's deborah roberts from "20/20." >> jennifer, janet, valerie, kirstie. celebrities known as much for their weight loss as their talent. with tabloids and magazines posting their every pound, it's no longer that weight loss is associated with women. until now. >> i know some of you guys are thinking that weight watchers is just for women. >> reporter: yep. that's charles barkley. manly man. basketball powerhouse. and weight watchers spokesperson. the sports star who was once known as the round mound of rebound, has slimmed down some 45 pounds since going on the program. he sat down with me to talk about it. >> we're trying to reach the male demographic. >> reporter: there hasn't been a
8:33 am
lot of men in general with these programs. why do you think? >> for men and weight, it's a taboo sugge taboo subject. we don't talk about being overweight. we joke about it. it's hard to tell a friend, hey, man, you need to lose some weight. >> reporter: as the first male spokesperson for weight watchers, barkley maintains the program lets you be a heman while being healthy. >> pizza, steak, meatballs. we don't want to be without them. and with weight watchers, we don't have to. how does the cauliflower taste, charles? >> remember in high school when you would eat chalk? that's what cauliflower tastes like. it takes like chalk. but if you put cheese on it, it tastes like a cheesy chalk. >> don't worry, guys. you can lose the weight and keep the meatballs. >> chill out a little bit. i'm from alabama. we really got some issues with
8:34 am
obesity and everything. >> reporter: one of the highest obesity rates in the country. >> i want this thing to take off in alabama. and i want to put as many people on the bandwagon as i possibly can. >> reporter: maybe a new day for guys. >> let's hope so. for more on this, we're joined by the president and ceo of weight watchers, david kirchhoff. and also, the author of "weight loss boss." how did you get charles barkley in a dress? >> i thought about putting on a dress. but i couldn't have rocked the look in the same way. >> what kind of response are you getting? >> the problem with men, obesity affects men the way it affects women. men are as obese. but they're half as likely to do something about it. what charles has really done, is he's giving air cover to guys saying, it's okay to deal with it. it's important to deal with it. >> i don't know if it's chicken and egg thing. but you actually had a problem with weight yourself.
8:35 am
>> i did. i'm like the hair club for men guy. >> how did you deal with it? >> i got a job for weight watchers. helping them begin the internet process. but i was clinically obese. i had the opportunity to systemically change my life. and i'm never looking back. >> when were you heaviest? and what was the real turning point? >> my heaviest was when i was in my 30s. young 30s. my turning point was seeing a doctor and being told i had cholesterol of 260. >> what's the biggest problem that men have kind of -- first of all, accepting that they have a problem? and then, getting involved in the routine? >> it's -- you know, it's interesting with men. once they start doing it, they tend to have really good success. i'm convinced part is because we're so dumb, when it comes to nutrition, i was, that there's a lot of low-hanging fruit. but men have almost been rewarded for being big for a
8:36 am
long time. and this isn't a vanity thing. it's not a looks thing. it's a health thing. i think getting guys to change their framework and recognize that if they take hold of this issue, they're not going to give up their manhood. a scary statistic is, that teenagers in this country, 25% are now diabetic or prediabetic. >> wow. >> so, childhood obesity is becoming more and more of a problem, as we all know. i would argue that a lot of how we deal with this would start as parents as role models. that includes dads. >> a lot of women are watching who want to help their husbands, friends, sons, lose the weight they need to lose. what's the best way for them to approach it? >> i think what i've generally found and observed, is what works best is if they say, i'd like you to do this with me. i'd like you to become healthy with me. it's important to me that we do this together, as a couple. >> not, hey, go lose some weight.
8:37 am
>> not hey, fatty. that's not so good. >> make it a family project, almost? >> yeah. and say join me. let's do this together. it's much more compelling. >> dave kirchhoff, thank you very much. the cook is weight loss boss. if you want tips, go to on yahoo! let's go out to sam and the weather. >> we're outside in the heat. gang, say good morning to everyone in the country. yesterday, we asked you for your twitter pictures of your dashboard, while you weren't driving, to show us what it looks like on the temperature scale. you delivered. one of them is not a dashboard, peter in connecticut. it looks like a big, giant clock. you got the idea. numbers coming in from all over the country. we'll ask you to tweet us at sam champion, your dashboard shot. here's the tropical system.
8:38 am
here's the low that moves up. you were concerned about this becoming a tropical development. that's a low coastal area. if you gets going, stay up with your local abc station anywhere on florida's coast. we're looking beautiful on the west coast today. >> you're looking beautiful. >> thank you, robin roberts. >> all of that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. george, i have a feeling that some time in this half hour, we'll be explaining why everyone has red hair. >> that is exactly right.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
i love how alex's mom was making sure it's all in place. >> put this on. >> we're getting ready for "brave," ladies and gentlemen, the newest disney/pixar movie, about a princess who builds her own path. it has an a-list group of actors. who is the fierce voice? more familiar than you think. abc's resident, nick watt, goes behind the scenes. >> reporter: the star of the show is merida. a scottish princess in dies of yore. dead-eye with the bow and arrow. >> i am merida.
8:43 am
andly be shooting from my own hand. we met her appropriately in scotland. kelly macdonald, star of "boardwalk empire." >> she showed me a kindness. and i sought to return it. >> reporter: "no country for old men." >> nice seeing you again. >> reporter: "trainspotting." and, with merida, never done this before. not bad. >> this is a live action movie, i would never get in the casting room. like tom cruise in "mission impossible." i'm not that. >> reporter: you get to play somebody that you would never play. >> yeah. the animators make me look really amazing. >> reporter: but what kelly is scottish. >> his leg was clean off. >> reporter: was it nice to do something in your own accent? >> yes. >> i don't speak to her. she just doesn't listen.
8:44 am
>> reporter: seems like everyone with a scottish accent that can act is in this movie. okay. slight exaggeration. >> your majesty, i present my ear -- >> nate ferguson is in it. billy connolly plays merida's dad. >> it's unique because the lead is a little girl, who becomes a big girl in the process. >> reporter: there seems to be a message here. >> i mean, really, it's a coming of age story. >> i'm not going to deal with you. >> i am the queen. you listen to me. >> the development is a great modern tale. >> speak to her, dear. >> i do speak to her. she just doesn't listen. >> and trying to -- >> reporter: there were scouting trips to scotland, to make sure the animators captured the rugged mountains and the green
8:45 am
glens. >> working on this for seven years. and i've only been involved for about a year or so. i was the last member of the cast. >> reporter: really? but you're the main member of the cast. >> yeah. >> reporter: my favorite scene, young suitors trying to prove their worth on the archery range. trying to impress merida. my turn. kelly seemed unimpressed. for for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london. >> it's already looming large here in times square.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> well, we live in a time when too many good things are dubbed the greatest. but in 1992, for 17 days and nights, the nation, the globe watched, without a doubt, the greatest basketball team ever
8:48 am
assembled. "sports illustrated" called them the dream team. and one of its stars has written this book, "the treatment team." so influential. he's a dear friend, a mentor of mine. jack mccallum, so good to join us this morning. this is a team you covered. you even covered the players prior to its assembling. what was so significant about this team at this time? 1992. >> it was the first time pros were going to be allowed in the olympics. everyone wanted to see how that would go. i think the international game at that time, people were interested. but they had been served bite-sized nuggets. they were waiting for the entree. and these guys were not only the biggest basketball stars but literally the biggest sports stars. the nba was at a point where it never had been more popular. there was never a more important
8:49 am
icon, than michael jordan. >> it was like watching the beatles on parade. charles barkley was a big worry. they were worried about what he might do. but turns out they had no reason to be worried. >> charles claims he was within of the first players selected for it. he was not. there was a lot of debate about him. he had offcourt incidents. on-court incidents. but when he got there, charles proved to be the greatest ambassador, not only for the dream team, but for the game in general. a lot of them were afraid. they'd get in their hotel. charles was out in the people. >> prior to the gold medal game, michael jordan out himself. >> yeah. years later, when these guys were talking to me about the book, all of them concentrated on michael's energy. he would play cards before the gold medal game, until 6:00 a.m. he took a 20-minute shower.
8:50 am
he went around barcelona and shot a sneaker video. and everybody thought he would rest up before the game. he played 21 holes of golf. then, he dusted everybody off in the gold medal game. quickly, the legacy of this team? >> i think the fact they were able to spread the game. we thought that we would -- the world would be 20 years behind these guys. and point of fact, eight years later, because of the example the dream team, the international players were playing at a level almost up to the nba. it's extraordinary. >> a great book. get it for everybody. the young boys, the young girls, to be inspired. i want to ask you, though. lebron james, one of the great players of the current crop, facing, well, the biggest game of his career tonight. if miami can close that, he has, at long last, that first title if it comes to pass. what do you think happens in miami? >> i think they win. and what lebron does in this series, lebron starts for the dream team.
8:51 am
don't ask me who you have to take off? lebron is the starter on that team with what he's done. >> thank you. you have been wonderful. a wonderful influence on this man right here. >> the greatest hope for a mentor is that the mentee goes forth and prospers. >> he did pick the thunder. >> you remember 1992. quickly? >> i was there. i remember. they were amazed by their star potential. when you saw opposing players getting autographs during the game, you knew you were seeing something special. >> again, so great to have a good friend. his book "the dream team." tonight on abc, you can see perhaps something special. will it be lebron james' first
8:52 am
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8:55 am
come here, sam. come here. >> first of all, we want to thank. acme in philadelphia. starting us off with wedding cake. appreciate it. >> we're going to be -- central park tomorrow. mary j. blige, live in central park. our summer concert series. and sam with cake, promises great weather. >> we hope so. our "gma" family is a little bigger. take a look. the new son of our legal analyst, came in yesterday. our congrats to dan. great news. >> have a great day, guys.
8:56 am
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good morning i'm kristen sze. google share holders will hold their annual meeting today in mountain view. protesters are expected to great them urging the web giant to enact better privacy features. much cooler today, still cloudy, still flight arrival delays into sfo 75 minutes. 15° cooler in san francisco, 23° in concord. cloudy, 50s drizzle for the morning commute on showers possible in the north bay during the afternoon. problems eastbound highway 4 all lanes temporarily blocked car fire. fire units on scene. southbound 101 poplar accident


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